Track Results from District Meet

If you see any of these students, pat them on the back and wish those who advance good luck!
The Track Team competed at District 16-4A Tract Meet in Spring Hill last week.
The Varsity Boys finished 3rd overall.
Other Varsity Boys' Results:
Cameron Jackson 1st 100 M Dash
Cameron Jackson 1st 200 M Dash
Victor Rangel 6th 1600 M Run
Austin Bain 5th 3200 M Run
Brian Brown 6th 110 M Hurdles
Justin Henderson 5th 300 M Hurdles
Ken Lacy, Anthany Smith, Alex Chavez, Cameron Jackson 2nd 4x100 M Relay
Alex Chavez, Anthany Smith, Bobby Owens, Ken Lacy 6th 4x200 M Relay
Anthany Smith, Alex Chavez, Kace Murphy, Eli Caruthers 5th 4x400 M Relay
Alex Chavez 3rd Long Jump
Deundre Blanton 1st Shot Put
Calvin Woodside 3rd Shot Put
Kaden Kenny 4th Shot Put
Omarion Smith 4th Discus
Zack Williams 6th Discus
Alex Chavez 5th Triple Jump
Brian Brown 4th High Jump
Billy Bell 5th Pole Vault
The Varsity Girls finished the day in 2nd as a team.
Other Varsity Girls' Results:
Chicuquita Crain 1st 200 M Dash
Emma Taylor 2nd place 400 M  
Emma Taylor 1st place Girls 800 M   
Zoe Craven 2nd Varsity Girls 1600 M Run
Cristina Rosas 3rd Varsity Girls 1600 M Run
Zoe Craven 1st 3200 M Run
Cristina Rosas 4th 3200 M Run
Alicia Jones, Carter Williams, Irelyn Williams & Chicuqita Crain 4x100 M Relay 1st place
Chicuqita Crain, Irelyn Williams, Alicia Jones & Carter Williams 4x200 M Relay 2nd place
Emma Taylor, Jamaria Thomas, Estrella Galvan, Aligah Colbert 4x400 M Relay 3rd place
Chicuqita Cran 3rd Long Jump
Jamaria Thomas 4th Long Jump 
Mia Orange 4th Shot Put
Jamaria Thomas 1st Triple Jump
ShaDestiny Chism 4th Triple Jump
Jamaria Thomas 2nd High Jump
ShaDestiny Chism 4th High Jump
Gracie Clower 1st place Pole Vault
The JV Boys finished 5th.
Other results were:
Wyatt Woodley 4th 100 M Dash
Jermaine Roney 2nd 200 M Dash
Luis Baird 4th 800 M Run
Luis Baird 1st 1600 M Run
Luis Baird 1st 3200 M Run
Wyatt Woodley, Jermaine Roney, Corey Rider and Marcaelin Caraway 4x100 M Relay 2nd place
Marcaelin Caraway 5th Long Jump
Kentravious Anderson 1st Shot Put  
Hunter Lewis 6th place Shot Put  
Josh Flores 3rd place Discus
Wyatt Woodley 4th place Pole Vault
JV Girls placed 3rd at their meet
Other Results were:
Jaylynn Smith 5th 200 M Dash
Mackenzie Alexander 6th 200 M Dash
Jaylynn Smith 2nd 400 M Dash
Mackenzie Alexander 4th 400 M Dash
Kadence Limburg 5th 400 M Dash
Erika Hopper 2nd 800 M Run
Skyelar Howell 3rd 800 M Run
Sofia Gomez 6th 1600 M Run
Ciara Hopper 4th 3200 M Run
Sofia Gomez 5th 3200 M Run
Zadie Vega 2nd 100 M Hurdles
Kaileah Pierre 4th 100 M Hurdles
Zadie Vega 1st 300 M Hurdles
Kaileah Pierre 3rd 300 M Hurdles
Kadence Limburg, Zadie Vega, Erika Hopper, Skyelar Howell 1st 4x400 M Relay
Jaylynn Smith 1st Long Jump
Zadie Vega 5th Long Jump
Alexis M. Anderson 3rd Triple Jump
Alexis M. Anderson 2nd High Jump
Zadie Vega 3rd High Jump
Kaileah Pierre 4th High Jump