School Supply Lists for 2019-2020

2019/20 KHS School Supply List by Departments 

These are basic supplies to get school started. Many of the supplies are used in multiple classes and do not have to be purchased independently for each class.

ELA -  pens, pencils, Journals, map colors, construction paper, folders, loose leaf paper, 3 ring binder,  note cards, dividers

Science - pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, 3 ring binder, map colors, loose leaf paper,  journal, markers, protractors, note cards

Math - Pencils, folders, loose leaf paper, hand sanitizer, tissues, journals, protractors, highlighters, note cards

Social Studies - pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, map colors, journals, markers, note cards, highlighters

CTE - pens, pencils, 3 ring binders, loose leaf paper, folders, highlighters, Lysol wipes,

          Media Class/Journalism - SD card, Foam Board

          Welding Class - gloves, boots, long sleeve shirts, blue jeans or overalls

Art Classes - map colors, aluminum foil, posters, pencils, 1 poster board, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 box of tissue, masking tape

Foreign Language - pens, pencils, 3 ring binders, highlighters, loose leaf paper, dividers, construction paper, spiral notebook,  journals

Special Education - pencils, pens, notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, scissors