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Student Handbook and Dress Code

2017/2018 KHS Dress Code


All students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly in clothes and accessories that are appropriate for school activities. The district discourages the wearing of expensive jewelry, body decorations, or hair style extreme enough to create a distraction or disturb the normal routine of school shall be deemed inappropriate. Final decisions on the appropriateness of school dress rests with campus administration. Teachers/coaches/sponsors may define appropriate dress for school-sponsored trips and extracurricular activities. Examples of inappropriate and unapproved choices of clothing, jewelry, body decorations, and hair-style include:


  • Hats, caps, headbands, bandanas, hoods, or any other headgear (not allowed in the building)
  • Low-cut necklines, sleeveless, (sleeves must completely cover the shoulder), no showing of the midriff, suggestive, see-through, or revealing clothing
  • Obscene language or symbols, provocative pictures, advertising of tobacco, alcohol or narcotics on clothing, jewelry, or exposed body parts.
  • Dresses, skirts, all split garments and shorts that are not long enough (3” above knee, from the floor when kneeling ) to maintain dignity and modesty.
  • Racially related symbols, emblems, pictures, words, or slogans.
  • Cutoffs, wind shorts, short shorts, boxer shorts, P.E., bicycle shorts or bicycle pants,  sweatpants or joggers, with the exception of athletic classes
  • No holes in pants
  • Sagging (pants must be worn no lower than the point of the hip)
  • Pajama bottoms or tops
  • No Blankets
  • Bare feet or house shoes (shoes/boots must be worn at all time)
  • Dusters and long coats
  • Sunglasses except by written order of a physician
  • Gang related items, symbols, words, numbers, or slogans
  • Choker collars (i.e. dog collars with spikes or studs) and spiked bracelets
  • Exposed chains other than small necklaces
  • Male students are not allowed to wear earrings or other objects to keep pierced holes open, even if covered by a bandage or tape. All other body piercing except females’ ears are prohibited.
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed. Hair should not cover the eyes nor be styled in any manner which attracts undue attention. Hair must be a NATURAL color. Unnatural coloring or dying of hair such as purple, pink, bright red, green, blue, orange… NOT permissible. Hair may not be spiked more than 2 inches.
  • Tattoos deemed inappropriate by administration must be covered by clothing
  • Leggings, jeggings, and tights may not be worn as pants. Leggings may only be worn with skirts or dresses that are in dress code
  • No headphones, earbuds or any listening device may be worn outside the classroom; in the classroom is at teacher discretion


The school has a legitimate interest in requiring proper dress and personal grooming from every student. All students are expected to become familiar with these standards and adhere to them. Students have the responsibility to observe the basic standards of cleanliness, modesty, good grooming, and dress.


The administration reserves the right to decide whether any current fashion or fad is appropriate for school wear and to require any student to change his or her attire if it is not found acceptable in the KHS Dress Code policy. If a student’s dress or grooming is objectionable under these provisions, the campus principal shall take disciplinary action. Students shall be accorded due process appropriate to the disciplinary action. A student in violation of the dress code shall be assigned to AEC either for the remainder of the day or until the issue is corrected.  A  parent or designee may bring an acceptable change of clothing to school to correct the situation.  Repeated offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.